Project development

A top of its class living space will be found here, in Augsburg/Göggingen, in close proximity to the unique historical Parktheater Spa. Having been overlooked by many, the building will regain its originally respected structure and be brought back to life.

Executing Company
  • Location:
    Klausenberg 8, Augsburg

  • Project task:
    new construction

  • Projekt status:
    In preparation

  • Property type:
    Commercial property, City library and citizens’ office

  • Project volume:
    approx. 7,8 million Euro

  • Acreage:
    approx. 1.250 m²

  • Start of building:

  • Completion:

  • Development:
    CL Holding AG

  • Planning:
    Architect Walcher

  • Structual engineering:
    M.Eng.Dipl.-Ing. Cihan Polat SFI/IWE

  • Builder:
    Construct Konzept Beteiligungs AG & CO.KG