C. Polat
Principal shareholder / Entrepreneur

Honesty, trust, respect

When these characteristics are present and used in the right way, they serve as a formula that leads to the objective of being successful in what one does. Almost everyone would consider these characteristics an essential part of leading a healthy relationship, whether it be a business, friendly or family relationship. In spite of this, it seems like the search for people, who are committed to these values, is like finding a needle in a haystack. CL Holding AG’ s success is based on a solid value system, which stands above economic success and which can operate internally as well as externally. Understanding the markets and the right time point for investments are additional success factors. Growth alone is not an end in itself. Our growth is sustainably generated like a healthy tree that bears fruit at the right time.

“We look forward to harvesting this fruit with you.”

Invest better with the right partner

It is not enough for us to offer an investment with an attractive interest rate and high level of security. Our exclusive investors are shareholders at eye level. This means that the decision in favour of a project is not made without the “yes” from the investor. Individualised investor support, access to all financing documents at all times, personal meetings with daily reports on the project status and regular reports and regular reports also ensure unrestricted transparency andare a matter of course for CL HOLDING AG. If desired, we enable a property owner to contribute property value as an investor. as an investor. The property is valued, contributed, developed, placed on the capital market and the value-enhancing concept realised. In the a fixed purchase price and additionally a profit share or a share in the additional participation in the additional proceeds. This type of investment makes a lot of sense, as the owner of the property benefits from owner of the property achieves a higher profit by contributing the property and realisation phase. The advantage is clear – no costs and maximised profits thanks to a strong partner at your side.

C. Polat
Principal shareholder / Entrepreneur

Martin Boser
Board of Directors Counsel, Entrepreneur

Dipl. kfm Anton Lotter
Board of Directors, Entrepreneur

Selina Fülle
Administrative Assistant

Melisa Aydingünes
Assistance of Coordination

Dipl. Ing. Arkin Bayar

Richard Baur
Board of Directors, Entrepreneur

Kristina Niederquell
General Controller, Assistant Tax Consultant

Monika Felder
Authorized signatory




After establishing Construct Lion AG in 2003, it became the cornerstone for today’s CL Holding AG. Our foundation of values still consists of aiming for our goal of growth with consequent trust, fairness and determination.


In 2010, we recorded a profit of 0.8 mil. EUR. Our main focus was real estate marketing and support as well as acquiring property and their planning/development. Having a healthy economic foundation, we have now decided to invest in new sectors.


Since 2022, we have been concentrating our activities on five different sectors: Real Estate 50%, Hotel & Tourism 10% and from 2021 very strongly on renewable energies 30% and the food industry with 10%.

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