Rostoration & Sale

A structural restoration of an old building to new building standards with modern architecture, is taking place in the middle of downtown Augsburg. Nine exclusive apartments, situated in one of the best locations, ranging between 60 and 180 square meters in size, offer an urban living space with views of the historical old town of Augsburg.

Executing Company
  • Location:
    Wintergasse 1, Augsburg center

  • Project task:

  • Property type:
    Residential building

  • Project volume:
    approx. 2,8 million Euro

  • Living space:
    approx. 1.090 m²

  • Construction year:

  • Start of building:

  • Completion:

  • Planning:
    Architect Goran Markovic

  • Project supervisor:
    Architect Arkin Bayar – Architect Markovic

  • Builder:
    Wohnraum Immobilien GmbH